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Grohe “Dash of Colors” window display

When designing a window display for your product, you need to pick the one feature that resonate best with your customers.
Preferably a feature not found in other competitng brands. With Grohe Essence collection, one of the most striking feature is the playful dash of colors available with the collection.
But there is one problem… the existing wood structure inside the window.
With the “colourful” idea we had in mind, we felt that the wood structure just doesn’t fit… So we turn to modern material technology and discovered a surface covering material from 3M that can allow us to create a new “skin” for the structure.
This polymer skin is very pliable and can adhere to many different surface. Another bonus feature is that it is removable. This opens up a world of possibilities for future transformation!
The entire structure completely skinned. We can now add the back panels and products to complete the window.

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